Daivadnya Pune

The Daivadnyas, (also known as Daivadnya Brahmins or Daivadnya Sonars[1] or Konkanastha Rathakara), are a Konkani Gold-smith community, who claim to have descended from Vishwakarma, Hindu architect god and part of larger Vishwakarma community. They are native to the Konkan and are mainly found in the states of Goa and Damaon, Canara (coastal Karnataka), coastal Maharashtra, and Kerala.

Daivadnyas are a subgroup of Sonars (Gold Smiths) and hence they are called as Daivadnya Sonars or Suvarṇakara or simply Sonar. Daivadnya Sonars in Maharashtra claim to be Brahmins and call themselves as Daivadnya Brahmins however this is not accepted by the Brahmins there. The Poona government did not accept the claim either but the Bombay Sonars continued with the claim.However, Oliver Godsmark, a researcher on late colonial and early postcolonial South Asia, considers them a subcaste of the Brahmins that were originally from the coastal regions of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa. They are popularly known in Goa as Shets. This word is derived from the word Shrestha or Shresthin Daivadnyas are part of Other Backward Castes (OBC) in the states of Karnataka and Maharashtra.In Goa, they come under Open Category (OC) or Forward caste.